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Cooking Biography
John Sanders The Casual Gourmet

John Sanders has been cooking his whole life. Watching his mother and grandmother cook, he found​ out early that he really enjoyed making people happy by cooking delicious food. That continued throughout the college years when school dining gave way to cooking for himself in the dorms. Although having not much more than a toaster oven, he was still able to produce delicious meals like Baked Red Snapper in a lemon butter sauce.​


Throughout his career in nightclubs, he was a frequent guest in the kitchen, helping where he could and learning different tricks and tips. His years stationed in Europe further fueled his passion for food. Working in Las Vegas and seeing and tasting the creations there convinced him that he needed more training...not to work in restaurants, but to better himself in his own kitchen.​

He attended the Tampa Bay Cooking Academy to improve his skills and continues to please family and friends with his meals. He loves to talk cooking and kitchen gadgets.

An excellent on-camera presence, sales ability and sincere, heartfelt delivery make John Sanders the ideal spokesman for your brand of kitchen equipment.  (scroll down to see segments)

The Casual Gourmet

The Casual Gourmet

Casual Gourmet Intro

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Casual Gourmet
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