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John Sanders


John Sanders Commercial Headshot
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John Sanders has been acting professionally since 2007. The breadth and depth he brings to his characters results from a background that included such diverse careers in nightclub management, the US Army Armor and Intelligence Officer (CPT-P), Private Investigator, and Casino Executive in addition to years in the restaurant business. His ability to capture the essence of characters comes from dealing with those individuals throughout his careers.​

He is ideal for executive roles like CEO, senior law partner, judge, police captain, military general, etc. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, his dry wit, deadpan humor and looks remind many of a Leslie Nielsen or Steve Martin type character. He would be the perfect foil to main characters regardless of genre.​

​Professional, dependable and always prepared, John Sanders is as enjoyable on set as he is sharing a beer at the end of a long day's shoot.

Demo Reel
Demo Reel
John Sanders Reel 1
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